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Preparing for the Digital Future: Critical Planning to Ensure the Ability to Compete and Thrive

If there is one thing that the pandemic has shown us, it’s that digital technology is critical. It provides essential connectivity for remote workers, enables offices to operate seamlessly even when they’re not centrally located, and ensures that your business can continue despite the many challenges it faces. However, the coronavirus has also highlighted the […]

Digital Transformation and Its Influence on the Customer Journey

Without customers, businesses have no reason to exist. Therefore, delivering on customer expectations, speaking to their pain points and challenges, and standing out from the crowd of competitors is essential for businesses within all industries. Customer experience, or CX, has become one of the single most important metrics for businesses hoping to increase conversion and improve customer retention. While there are many moving parts involved in improving customer experience, digital transformation has a major role to play.

How to Communicate with Customers During Uncertain Times: Important Cautions of COVID-19 Advertising

Right now, everyone is looking for someone or something that they can look to for insight, answers, or hope. The world is in a very new and uncertain place, and it is affecting so many people in so many different ways. The varied effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are continuing to be seen and felt around the world and impacting every aspect of life as we know it.

Digital Agility in Uncertain Times: Embracing Agile Technology to Soften the Blow of Economic Uncertainty

Now, more than ever, companies are learning just how important it is to have a company that is agile, digital, and operating with the most streamlined processes to reduce waste and increase efficiency in operations. Process improvement and waste elimination in business are always important elements to consider. However, it is now a topic that […]

A Digital Age Without Barriers: The Real Value of Outsourcing and Remote Work Shines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, many more companies are pushing their own boundaries in terms of remote work and outsourcing, going further than they ever thought they might previously out of mere necessity. Not surprisingly, what this is doing is highlighting the fact that most of the world can function remotely, or at least […]

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Captive Centre vs Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing exploded into offshore outsourcing in the early 2000s, causing a number of companies to jump ship and go offshore to lower their operating costs. Unfortunately, because of the lack of knowledge surrounding how to manage outsourcing relationships, companies found themselves dealing with over-ambitious cost-cutting goals, a limited scope of services, and other […]

Outsourcing Legal Services: How to Choose the Right Outsourcer

As a law firm, legal outsourcing can be a great way to handle your business’s legal administration with a variety of support services available. Outsourcing functions can include conveyancing, litigation support, case law research and much more. By outsourcing, you are enabling your internal resources to focus on growing your business, whilst outsourcing can assist […]

How to Automate Your Business and Boost Efficiencies

Automation allows businesses to tackle inefficient processes and systems, make improvements to those elements, and have more time to focus on other business matters that require their attention. Automating processes is a great way to prioritise tasks and operations with the ultimate goal of increasing the growth and productivity of your business. Choosing the right […]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

Accurate, up-to-date financial records are vital for any growing business. That need only becomes more apparent as the business expands, as well. However, ensuring that the books are kept correctly can require a significant investment of time and money that could be better spent in other areas of the business. When you choose to outsource […]

The Benefits of a Valenta Franchise

Looking for a new business venture? Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for your first opportunity, or a seasoned veteran, the choice to buy a franchise is one of the best you could make. Franchises offer a wide range of benefits, without the drawbacks that come from starting a brand-new company. You’re able to build […]

Financial Crime: AUSTRAC – No More Mr Nice Guy!

Austrac has been very busy over the past few months launching campaigns, ordering audits and issuing infringement notices, with an enormous crack down on financial crime. AUSTRAC has issued a $252,000 infringement notice to Compass  AUSTRAC has launched a campaign against illegal money transfer dealers  Suburban money dealers are being targeted by AUSTRAC for funding […]

The introduction of a $10,000 Cash Limit

The proposed new cash limit legislation being introduced by the Australian Government is a game-changer but no one really knows about it. The legislation would limit the use of actual hard cash (not including bank transfers) to less than $10,000 and would come fully into force on Jan 01, 2020. The goal of the legislation […]

What to Look For In An Outsourcing Company

Irrespective of the size or age of a business, companies often need to resort to outsourcing services for their business functions. In today’s fast-paced business world, growth plans for a business cannot really work without efficiently managing all processes and a professional outsourcing company can often prove to be helpful in more ways than one. […]

How outsourced bookkeeping helps businesses become more competitive

Outsourced bookkeeping has started to emerge as one of the most beneficial tools for big and small businesses. Not only does it allow for the streamlining of the accounting processes but also, leads to an array of other advantages such as cost-saving and better utilization of time. While bookkeeping can be managed in-house, it is […]

How financial advisors can improve efficiencies with outsourced paraplanning

When it comes to better administrative management and quick and accurate completion of various financial planning tasks, outsourced paraplanning can prove to be a very helpful service. While paraplanning has been around for quite some time, outsourced paraplanning is a fairly new concept which is gaining rapid traction due the numerous advantages it brings. Let’s […]