Infrastructure Management System

Case Study

Infrastructure Management System


Financial Services firms are faced with hundreds of tasks that can be automated; in this case, IT operations needed to be streamlined to improve the business operations on a daily basis.


A Financial Services institution needed to monitor their critical infrastructure by:

  • Reducing the manual effort in monitoring the Azure disk utilisation
  • Identifying potential issues that exceed standardised thresholds based on documentation and/or past activities
  • Preempting disk issues by analysing the performance of the applications and auto alerts


Continuously monitored applications, messages, machine queues, logs, etc. and automate the management of the Azure virtual machine disk utiliSation.

  • Modelled historical patterns to determine a dynamic threshold
  • Whenever disk utilisation exceeded above the dynamic threshold, automation increased the disk capacity
  • Auto-created incidents in ServiceNow, and auto-closed them when resolved
reduction in FTEs involved in incident resolution
effort reduced for the ticket resolution
effort reduction using intelligent monitoring