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Build Your Team


We have rich experience in setting up and operating Business Process Outsourcing centres ground up, and assist organisations planning on a captive outsourcing centre. Such a centre is ideally recommended for organisations planning on employing a staff of 200+.Engaging with a BPO is a viable option for smaller businesses.

We have an established presence in India and Malaysia, regions with readily available cost-effective resources, and can assist you in setting up operations there. We can help you in the identification of a suitable office space, recruitment, and training based on your requirements. Of course, we will offer several other services and support, as and when required.

Engagement models

We realise each client has their own unique pattern of operations and offer engagement models to suit specific requirements.

Leasing staff

We can help you with experienced staff, to work exclusively for you from our offices. This team would be legally employed and managed by us, while you could deploy them exclusively on your projects. They could report to you directly and be your resources for the entire life of the project. If you require, we could also provide you with a dedicated on-site management team.

Virtual captive operation

A captive operation is a wholly-owned subsidiary set up in a different region, to act as an extension of the parent company. This way, the parent company gets adequate control over the set up. Getting a centre of such nature is time consuming, demanding significant initial investment and commitment. Considering these challenges, most clients opt for our virtual captive services, as they plan on establishing their offshore operation. Captive offshoring is a low risk and cost effective solution that helps businesses assess and evaluate the new region, before taking a decision on a more investment intensive and permanent operation. We also offer our clients the option of engaging our services, with an option of acquiring the resources sometime in the future to merge them with their subsidiary.

Joint ventures

Sometimes, outsourcing may not be the best option for companies, particularly if they handle sensitive data or proprietary processes that demand more security, and operational control. There could also be several other reasons tilting the decision towards tighter ownership and monitoring. Also, a captive centre or a subsidiary may not be a suitable choice, considering the time, effort, and cost needed to set it up. In such cases, we offer a joint venture option to get the activity started. With a joint venture, you have quick access to local resources and expertise we have built over years, helping you start your operations in the shortest possible time.


If your long term objective is to set up a full-fledged offshore operation, we suggest a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) arrangement. Here, we would build and operate your offshore operation for a pre-determined period, after which the entire operation could be transferred to your/representative company.

When considering outsourcing, there are two models to consider:

  • Using a third-party outsourcing business (BPO)
  • Setting up a Captive center

Outsourcing Vs Captive

Why Valenta

Presence across geographies

We have full-fledged offices in the US, UK and Australia backed by establishing delivery centres at various locations in India and Malaysia. This translates to a good understanding of the local culture, laws, customs, and markets.

Superior Training

Considering the vast pool of professionals we have on board in different locations across the globe, we have the expertise to train your resources on specific processes and regulations, if your are planning on a captive centre.

Capability to set up large teams

With well established operations across the globe, we have a good understanding of different markets and their dynamics. This gives us the ability to set up captive centres of any size, getting it operational in the shortest possible time.

Expertise in staffing

Our experience in different geographies and domains, equips us with an innate understanding of the resources and skills, available in those regions. This enables us to identify and recruit the best of talent for your team, in terms of resource availability and skills.

Advantages of Outsourcing and Captive

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